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MHA Receives Award For Workplace Excellence

The Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE) named MHA one of its 2016 AWE Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval Award Winners for its exemplary commitment to building excellent places to work throughout the United States. Applicants for this award undergo a rigorous assessment process led by an independent review panel of business professionals and Master's and Ph.D. level students in the fields of business, industrial and organizational psychology, human resources, environmental science, public health, and diversity and inclusion.

Karishma Sheth, MHA's Chief Program Officer, and Ann Mazur, MHA's Chief Executive Officer, accepted the 2016 AWE Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval Award on behalf of MHA.

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MHA invites you to become a Mental Health Professional Member. Join now and enjoy great benefits through June 30, 2016 while helping to support MHA’s direct services and community mental health awareness and advocacy efforts! Register today.

Take Time for Yourself Everyday With My Mental Health Day

My Mental Health Day

Get tips on managing the stress in your life and boosting your mental wellness through MHA’s year-round mental wellness campaign at

MHA Guides Military Members and Their Families Through Serving Together Program

MHA’s military initiative Serving Together provides clear guidance for service members and their families on how to access the information and resources they deserve through a centralized, coordinated system that seeks to support the 50,000 veterans living in Montgomery County and welcome home the newest generation of Warriors. To learn how to access the resources veterans and their families need all in one place, go to today.